We develop products that follow high medical standards, our new design is based on the anatomy of the women's body, we offer Ab board for long and short torso.

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Customized Fajas

There is non-compression on the hips and on the butt.

Customised Extra High Compression

When you are in stage 3 (More than 3 weeks after your surgery) or if you feel that you are able to handle the extra compression, normally when you have experience with garments. These fajas built with waist trainer have rods and latex, which increase highly the level of compression. 

Customised High Compression

When you are in stage 2 (Around the second week after your surgery) and your incisions are completely closed. These fajas have rods.

Customised Medium Compression

If your surgery has been very recent and your incisions are not completely healthy. 

Why my faja have different measurements that the ones I sent.

The faja is never going to measure the same as your measurements because of the elasticity of the material that expands around 10 inches. If the faja would be the same measurement, it wouldn't full fill it's the purpose that is compression. The design is made to consider the client's measurements and the elasticity of the material.

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