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About us!

About us!

Colombian Fajas made responsibly by happy workers since 2009.

We design and produce custom and by size shapewear garments that make women love their bodies and get confidence to face the world,

We believe that fashion should be inclusive!   

Innovation is part of our DNA, we don’t follow trends, we create them, We are the only brand in the market bringing new colors, patterns, and designs spicing up the snatching process. We are always looking for new materials and new processes that help us to design high-quality garments!

Our mission

Beyond the purchase experience, we have put special emphasis on the feeling of wearing a Tributo faja.
We wanted to make people feel comfortable and empowered by a garment that has been carefully designed and produced with love. Custom garments with unique characteristics, high quality, and trendy colors to be your second skin in your snatching process.

Our own factory where the magic happens is located in Colombia, where we design, test and develop new products, bringing innovation to our clients and the industry!

Our purpose

To help women to love their bodies, we make sashes and garments that help them highlight physical attributes because we believe that when you are comfortable with your body you will be more confident with yourself and with more attitude to face the world.

Our 12 years of experience in the market have taught us to better understand the woman's body, we know that each one is unique and that is why we work every day to satisfy the needs of our clients, this is one of the reasons why we do Customised Fajas!

We are a family. We care about each other by providing a safe, warm and inclusive work environment. 

The wellness of our people is our main priority, we believe that fashion should be ethically made and that the hands that produce our product should have excellent work conditions and opportunities for them to grow.