Considerations at the moment of buying a new custom faja! 

When should I purchase my garment, before or after post-op?
When Am I suppose to wear which stage?
  • These are our suggestions according to our 11 years of experience in the market. Nonetheless, take into consideration what your surgeon advises and how your body feels.
  • For Medium compression, Early Stage 2, from your 2nd-week Post-op
  • For High compression, stage 2 from your 4th-week Post-op
  • For Extra High compression, stage 3 from your 2/3 month/
  • Some girls can get into Extra High compression Tributo Fajas  around their 6th month, because the level of compression is extremely high, so consider this when ordering an Extra High compression garment.
  • Take your measurements in the morning hours without a faja.  
  • Follow the instructions in the video guide for taking measures. If you have any questions, you can request a video call for advice.
  • The measures must be exact. We will make the necessary reductions. (If you send different measurements and the faja we make does not fit we won't change or modify your faja).
Why my faja has different measurements that the ones I sent?

The faja is never going to measure the same as your measurements because of the elasticity of the material that expands around 10 inches. If the faja would be the same measurement, it wouldn't full fill it's the purpose that is compression. The design is made to consider the client's measurements and the elasticity of the material.

It is possible that when you get your faja goes to second, third, or even fourth line of hooks?

The reasons that may explain that are:

1) You may have reduced the swelling.

2) You can handle more compression than average.

3)You have reduced your measurements while you faja arrives.

4)You may have taken your measurements in the evening when you are more swollen.

5)Your measurements weren't taken correctly.

When to use stage 3
  • It is important that you know that a 3-stage faja with waist trainer has rods and latex, which means that is extra strong compression, make sure that you can resist this level of compression. If you are not used to this compression, use it for periods of 4 to 5 hours until your body adapts.
  • If your incisions are not healthy, it is not recommended that you wear fajas that have rods.
While my faja arrives
  • After buying a garment, you should stay using a faja while the new one arrives. If you don't do it, it is likely that when the new fave arrives, you will be swell, and the girdle does not fit.
  • Keep in mind that all organisms are different, during the time that you order your faja you may have lost weight or deflate a lot.
When my faja arrives
  • How to wear your faja? Our 10 years of experience has shown us that many times our customers wear their faja in the wrong way, therefore they think it is toll small for them, however in most cases it is due to wearing it incorrectly.

    Please check this video before wearing your faja and follow the instructions! 

  • The fajas will never measure the same as its measurements, it is a compression garment a have to be smaller, if your faja has a waist trainer, the girdle should measure 10 inches less, if your faja is with rods your faja should measure 11.5 inches less and if your girdle does not have rods or latex your girdle should measure 12.5 inches less, this is only at the waist, the hip has lycra which is a fabric that stretches a lot.