Custom fajas production time 20 Colombian business days ( plus 2-4 days of shipping). Semi-custom, waist trainers 4201 and 4203, and Ab boards Shipping time 1 week.
4001 Thin Straps - Vest 3Xs / Her

4001 Thin Straps - Vest

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If you feel you can handle compression or are used to train your waist, our suggestion is to get a smaller size than your actual size. 

  • Ideal for molding the waist.
  • Corset effect with 6 rods for greater support
  • Help improve posture   
  • Thin straps
  • Reinforcement in the central part and sides for greater compression.
  • Hooks of four positions for more options according to the changes in your body.
  • Special gauge wires, resistant to washing, and continuous use.
  • High-quality materials.
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4001 Vest  is not returnable or refundable 

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The production time of this product is 20 Colombian business days + 2-4 days of shipping