Saturn - 360 AB BELT


Saturn - 360 AB BELT


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Note: The current size is available to patients with up to 32-inch on the waist.  


The new Tributo 360 Ab Belt is an essential accessory for proper recovery and healing after liposuction or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).


Its ergonomic design has soft 360 ° coverage that adapts to the anterior and lateral abdominal regions and the back of the torso, providing ideal support and improving your posture.


The support generated by the 360 ​​ABD belt contributes to:

  • Decrease inflammation and accumulation of postoperative fluid.
  • Protects from wrinkles, marks, or irritations caused by initial inflammation and direct contact with the faja.
  • Improves the adherence of the skin to the muscle and reduces the possible flaccidity.
  • Since it covers most of your middle torso area all at once, it will fully support your body.
  • Saturn AB Belt has a AB Board integrated, its shape comes from our iconic Majestic Ab board, providing more support to the front abdominal area.
  • The velcro closure on the back allows adjusting the compression according to your needs.


  • Wear them inside your stage 1 & 2 fajas. You can use a tank top underneath if needed.
  • We recommend using this belt from your 2nd-week post-op until your 3rth month post-op. Always listen to your body and your doctors/massage therapists' recommendations.


How to wear it

Remember, the Saturn belt is meant to bring support, not to compress like a stage 2 or 3 faja. The velcro on the back will help to adjust/ tighten the belt.
These are our suggestions of how to wear it
1st option is to close it on the back, pull the velcro until you feel the needed support, and close the wing to cover the velcro and avoid damaging the faja material. (Ask for help if you need to tighten it up more.)
2nd option (if you are able and your skin/body allows it) is to close it on the front. Tighten it up as needed, then turn it back, so it places correctly on your middle torso section. Remember, these suggestions will always depend on what is most comfortable for you.



 It has a fabric covering that helps to protect our girdles from the velcro that is in charge of allowing us to adjust the level of compression that we need for our body.


The material is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, ergonomically made, and stiff enough to give you compression in crucial areas without giving up the flexibility and adaptability you need

It is non-disposable so you can use it multiple times.


Cleaning instructions

Treat all your post-op supplies with care. They're delicate. 

Wash it with water and rub it with a cloth rubbing. DO NOT use a washing machine or dryer. Keep in mind that applying any type of gel or product to your skin when you wear the garments can cause the color to loosen.


Return policy

Saturn Ab Belt is not returnable or refundable. 

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