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3027 Top Bra - Diosa Body

3027 Top Bra - Diosa - Body

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NOTEIf you have bbl you can use this garment after your 6th-month post-op! 

If you have a big breast or back we suggest selecting another style since this bra won’t stretch much. Look for the 3027 Body

This faja is may NOT Cover the complete butt section.

If you have big thighs the lace part may roll up.


  • Stylize abdomen and waist
  • Bra Build in 
  • Has 6 rods to improve posture and shape the waist.
  • Abdominal reinforcement for greater control of the abdomen.
  • Opening with fabric flap on the crotch area
  • 4 positions front clasp closure to adjust accordingly to your body needs
  • Soft Lycra lining in contact with your skin.
  • This Faja is ideal for use with a dress!
  • Special gauge wires, resistant to washing and continuous use.
  • All our supplies are of the highest quality to give you the perfect comfort.
    • Through this simple guide, we will help you to take your body measurements correctly. We advise you to take them with underwear for greater precision. Ask help to a friend to take it more precise measurements. 

    Opening on the crotch area
    • There is an opening with a fabric flap on the crotch area, giving you more comfort
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