1027 Diosa Top Bra Custom Colombian Faja


Leg Length

1/2 Thigh Knee Leg Short Ankle

Compression Level*

High (wear from your 4th week post op) Extra High (wear from your 2nd or 3rd month post op)


1027 Diosa Top Bra Custom Colombian Faja


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Note: If you have a big breast or back we suggest selecting another style since this bra won’t stretch much. Look instead for a classic 1027 faja

Keep in mind this type of bra doesn't have full support; if you want higher support, our suggestion is to choose any of our 1007 reference styles.

Types of compression
  • Stage 2 HIGH COMPRESSION ( Wear from your 4th-week post-op)
  • Stage 3 EXTRA HIGH COMPRESSION ( Wear from your 2nd or 3rd-month post-op)

* These times may vary accordingly to your compression endurance

* If haven’t got Surgery, base the compression level according to your previous experience with fajas and compression endurance.

  • Stylize abdomen and waist
  • Bra Build-in 
  • Has 6 rods to improve posture and shape the waist.
  • Abdominal reinforcement for greater control of the abdomen.
  • Opening with fabric flap on the crotch area
  • 4 positions front clasp closure to adjust accordingly to your body needs
  • Soft Lycra lining in contact with your skin.
  • Ankle length is standard at 21.5 inches. If you need a different length, please write it on notes. 

    Type of surgery
    • If you have had a BBL this faja is recommended, be sure of selecting the BBL type of butt if your surgery is less than 6 months ago.
    • It is also recommend it if you have a Tummy tuck Lipo 360
    Opening on the crotch area
    • Flap opening on the crotch area, it's standard size and this will allow you to urinate only (We recommend this option).

      If you want your crotch area fully open, you will have to alter it on your own once you receive it.

    • Zipper: From the front to end of butt for easy bathroom access. 
    Shipping times

    Production time 2 Business days + 2/3 business days Shipping

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