How to wear my faja

If you are struggling to fit our faja, you can always book a video call for fitting assistance. contact us to Our years of experience has shown us that many times our customers wear their faja in the wrong way, therefore they think it is toll small for them, however in most cases it is due to wearing it incorrectly.

How strong are the hooks of the Tributo fajas?

Hooks are an essential part of shapewear garment, they are strong however required to be treated with care, follow the tips on the video when using a shaper-wear garment.

What things I should avoid to not ruin the hooks of my faja?

Tributo hooks are strong but not indestructible, take care of them following our tips!

How to wash my faja

How to wash 🧼 your faja?

We always recommend doing it by hand, it will help you to take care of your rods or/and latex!

🧼 Avoid high temperatures

🧼avoid dryer machine.

🧼 DO NOT twist your faja to drain the excess water, just gently squeeze the water out.

💧 If you really need to use a washing machine put your faja with all the hooks close and inside of the laundry bag that comes with your faja.

🚨 Again, do not use high temperatures, it will ruin your faja, we strongly suggest avoiding washing machines if your faja has rods.

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