Referral program!

Join our new referral program! 

  • You will get 10 USD Store credit from every custom fajas purchased with your link.
  • You can use the store credit immediately not to wait for a certain amount of referrals.
  • You can have control all the time of your referrals on your dashboard.
  • Register here 
How to start:
    1. Register in the referrals program using the link in our bio
    2. Wait for 24h for the approval of your account
    3. The platform will create an automatic link, but we recommend generating a specific link to the product you highly recommend.
    4. Share the link in your social media accounts and add it to your bios.
    5. Read the guide to know the specifications of the program.
    6. If you have referrals from our previous program, we will add them to your account!
What is different from before
  • You had to ask people to write your name on the referral box.
  • You get referrals only per new customer of Custom fajas.
  • You had to wait until having 5 referrals for a 150 us gift card.
  • You didn't have updated info on your referrals. You had to wait until that Tributo team manually counted the referrals (sometimes the information was delayed)
Importan things to remember:
  • The commission only applies when your referrals use your link to buy Custom fajas exclusively.
  • If a friend or someone you recommend the product didn't use your link at the moment of the purchase, we wouldn't add any commission.
  • The referral name box won't appear on the checkout page in our store after 30 of September 2021.