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Nova Sculpt Lipo Foam 360

The new Nova Sculpt Lipo Foam 360 is the ideal solution for post-liposuction or tummy tuck recovery. This innovative product accelerates the healing process, offering exceptional support and comfort.

Innovative Velcron with high resistance, but most importantly, it won't damage your faja. Additionally, strong Elastic Bands are designed to provide compression in your preferred area, while also allowing you to adjust the compression according to your tolerance and adapt it as inflammation reduces.

The design of the Nova Sculps Foam ensures full coverage of the abdomen, back, and armpits, preventing skin folding in these areas. The fabric covering the foam is an exceptional high-tech therapeutic circular knit textile, offering freshness and a velvety sensation to the skin. It's perfect for customers with sensitive or sunburned skin.

Why To Get Nova Sculpt Lipo Foam 360?