We do all our alterations back in Colombia where fajas are made.



⁃ Take in $25.00
⁃ Any other alteration, please ask and we will give you the cost
⁃ Shipping back $15.00


1.Let us know how much would you like take in, (how many inches or cm).
Send us videos, pictures or a text to our support@fajastributo.com email with the subject ALTERATION.

2. Send your garment CLEAN specially on your crotch area.

3. Once you send us either the Tracking Number or notify your faja has been Picked up, we will send you another INVOICE to you email corresponding to your ALTERATION ORDER. Please update your Payment as soon as possible.

Option 1.

Request and pay later on your alteration order for a return label which is (+$35.00)

For this you’ll need to notify us at least two days in advance when are you going to be able to be at home all day, so we can schedule the pick up of your garment .
We will send you an invoice to your email that you need to print and give along with your faja.

This option turnaround usually takes 15 days .

Instructions to send your measurements 
  1. Close your garment on the loosest hook
  2. Pull from the side of your waist and stretch the fabric as much as possible.
  3. Measure from where your skin starts till the end of the stretch.
  4. Provide a picture or short video showing how you did it.
  5. Let us know how many inches you got. 
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