Custom fajas shipping times 20 Colombian business days. Semi-custom, waist trainers, and Ab boards Shipping time 1 week.

Semi Custom Fajas

What a semi-custom faja means?
  • Semi-custom fajas are a novelty way to buy a faja by size. You can get our top sold model 1001 faja Thin Strap with different sizes for your waist and hips. Perfect for girls with BBL that are looking for a shipper and faster delivery option.
    For instance, you can buy an XS faja on the waist and an XL on the hips.
    You can find our 1001 Semi-custom in High and extra high compression.
    (No worries, we always will make Full customize fajas)

    Beware that it is not going to be made to your own measurements. You will select the faja base on the measurement chart.
    You can't customize the leg length, the torso, and the contour.
  • Torso size is standard 17 - 18".
  • Butt is BBL 
  • Stylize abdomen, waist, legs, and lift the buttocks.
  • Abdominal reinforcement for greater control of the abdomen.
  • 6 Roads, Corset effect
  • The color is black
  • Leg length is 1/2 Thigh.
  • These garments do NOT have to change
  • They come in sizes the first Size is WAIST, 2nd is HIPS.
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