4027 Top Bra Vest - Her Collection $120.00
Note: Keep in mind the back measure because if your butt is shelf style or very tall it may roll-up.  Description  Ideal for molding the waist. Corset effect with 6 rods for greater support Help improve posture    Build-in Bra Think straps Whit Bra Reinforcement in the central part and sides for greater compression. Hooks of three positions for more options according to the changes in your body. Soft cotton inner lining in contact with the skin Special gauge wires, resistant to washing and continuous use. High-quality materials. Return policy 4027 Top bra Vest - her is not returnable or refundable 
Ab Board Butterfly $35.00
Long and Short torso Our design is developed for a long torso and for a short torso. Look at the video to know how to measure for select your correct size Description Ergonomic design that adapts to cover the necessary parts of the abdominal area that need compression.  It doesn't cover your ribs or Hip bones High-tech materials.  It would help to improve your posture and accelerate the adherence of the skin.  It helps to heal after your surgery.  It goes up until the abdominal part of the abdominal wall. Review How to wear your Tributo Ab Board Video Specifications Our experience, get us to develop products that follow high medical standards, we have base our new design in the anatomy of the women's body, to offer and game-changer ab board.  The colors available are from the cover of the board.  Return policy Ab Boards are not returnable or refundable. 
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