Custom Fajas

KEN DOLL - 1020 Chest Custom Colombian faja Full Back with Sleeves option from $230.00
 Description Its total back coverage helps to improve posture avoiding lumbar pain. Preformed Lycra cup with reinforcement for better last of the bust. Ergonomic on shoulders Stylize abdomen, waist, legs. Lift the buttocks. Abdominal reinforcement Super Strong compression. Four-position clasps Great to use after Lipo 360, Tummy tuck and BBL Use This faja is ideal for use post-surgery and daily use. Highly recommended in Post-operative, molding, and maintenance. Choose Extra High compression when you are in stage 3 (2-3Months Post-op) or if you feel that you are able to handle the extra compression, normally when you have experience with garments. These fajas are built with waist trainers and have rods and latex, which increase highly the level of compression.  Choose High Compression When you are in stage 2 (Around four weeks post-op) and your incisions are completely closed. These fajas have rods. Use for post-surgical, in shaping treatments, or for maintenance Specification Special gauge wires, resistant to washing and use. Soft lycra lining on skin contact. Four-position clasps.
2017 Aphrodite - Thin Straps Bra - Custom Colombian Faja (rods) from $265.00
Now Aphrodite has  more compression, acting as the most comfortable and delicate stage 3! Description  Extra comfortable faja with a delicate material for everyday use. We offer to type of butt designs: Aphrodite: is a unique butt design with an inner double layer that shapes and lifts while bringing better support to the lower abdomen. BBL: Single seam in the middle feels wider and comfiest especially in the first months post BBLStylize abdomen with compression focus in the waist area.Abdominal reinforcement for greater control.6 Rods, Corset effect. Ankle length is standard at 21.5 inches. If you need a different length, please write it on notes.  Recommended for Use it for post-surgical and non-surgical purposes or body contouring. Maintenance phase. Postpartum when incisions are close and healthy. Stage 3 for people with sensitive skins or preferences for delicate compression. Considerations *Since this material is softer and brings more comfort than our standard fajas, you may be able to close it in the last set of hooks from the very beginning. *Keep in mind 1001 thin strap is a style with low support on the upper back. *We try to show the colors as closer to reality, however, consider that the material is slightly shiny and the color may vary according to the screen you are using.  
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