Custom fajas production time 20 Colombian business days ( plus 2-4 days of shipping). Semi-custom, waist trainers 4201 and 4203, and Ab boards Shipping time 1 week.
Sleeves 2Xs / Black Beneath Elbow


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Note: The images of the arm length options are a reference to show the length, not the model of the product. 

  • Sleeve Length Beneath Elbow
  • 4 Rows of hooks
  • Cover and control around your upper back and arms
  • Helps the skin adhere to the muscle after having liposuction or an arm lift surgery.
  • Soft Lycra Inner Lining in Contact with the skin
  • High – Quality Materials
Shiipping times

The production time of this product is 20 Colombian business days + 2-4 days of shipping