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Ab Board Butterfly Beige / S

Ab Board Butterfly

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Long and Short torso

Our design is developed for a long torso and for a short torso.

Look at the video to know how to measure for select your correct size


  • Ergonomic design that adapts to cover the necessary parts of the abdominal area that need compression. 
  • It doesn't cover your ribs or Hip bones
  • High-tech materials. 
  • It would help to improve your posture and accelerate the adherence of the skin. 
  • It helps to heal after your surgery. 
  • It goes up until the abdominal part of the abdominal wall.

How to wear your Tributo Ab Board


  • Our experience, get us to develop products that follow high medical standards, we have base our new design in the anatomy of the women's body, to offer and game-changer ab board. 
  • The colors available are from the cover of the board. 
Return policy

Ab Boards are not returnable or refundable.