Why it's essential to be in the team faja after surgery?
Tributo custom fajas
The world Faja comes from the Spanish word "wrap" and originated in Colombia, one of the world's most famous plastic surgery centers.
Fajas are used after surgery to reduce swelling and help the skin tighten properly.
Discover the 6 top benefits of wearing a Custom Faja After Surgery
Decreases Swelling
Swelling after surgery is normal. The body's response after surgical trauma is to increase the production of liquids. The fluids are captured under the skin creating painful swelling. Faja's compression boosts healing and promotes the body's absorption of fluids.
Promotes Draining
Even though draining retained liquids is not comfortable. It is a normal part of the surgery recovery process,
Faja and massage combo are a great combination to reduce the accumulated fluids and accelerate your recovery process. It also is generally believed that it helps to reduce fibrosis.
Decreases Bruising
Bruising is completely normal after surgery. Bruising is that blue or purple spot on your skin that is a consequence of blood vessel trauma. How severe and for how long the body bruise varies in every person. The good news is that your faja helps to reduce bruising!
As we always say, compression is key! The continued use of your garment helps to decrease bruising by eliminating bleeding and preventing the blood to goes to the surface of the skin.
Decreases Scarring
Scarring after liposuction could happen however is usually not a very big deal since the incisions are made as small and located in the less possible visible area. Scarring varies according to many factors, such as the surgeon's technique and the patient's genetics. The pressure of the fajas helps flatten and softer and reduces the appearance of scars and fibrosis.
Improves Overall Comfort
Wearing a faja might not sound like the most comfortable idea. However, the purpose is to avoid some non-desirable side effects of surgery. Retained liquids and swelling could be painful, and the faja helps to reduce them and, as a result, a little more comfort. Moreover, your faja protects your body from outside objects. Remember that after surgery, you are very sensitive; anything that saves you from pain is a win!
Contours and Shapes the Body
Last but not least, wearing fajas enhances the contour of the surgery area. It will optimize your results because its support helps your body to adapt to the new shape and avoid the possibility of developing a wrinkled appearance.
Additionally, a faja improves your posture and eases body movements after surgery.
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