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Planning to get some cosmetic work done?

You’re going to want to read this FIRST!

by Tai Brown • Taime out Massage Owner8p'

There are 8 Phases to planning a successful Cosmetic Self Love journey:

PHASE 1: Picking a procedure and a surgeon

PHASE 2: Budgeting

PHASE 3: Labs & Clearances

PHASE 4: Accommodations & Care

PHASE 5: Supplies & Prep

PHASE 6: Lifestyle changes

PHASE 7: The actual Sx & The first week after

PHASE 8: Maintenance

Each phase allows you to fully plan for your upcoming procedure, without skipping over crucial details. Often times when we speak with dolls after their procedure, they comment on how much they thought they were prepared for the procedure, but started finding out a lot of key components after the fact. By breaking your journey down into smaller segments, it allows you to cover more research surface areas, offering a greater chance of lasting results.

Research delves further than spending time in Facebook groups. And while you can set aside time to research, the depth and quality of your research has to be robust enough to encompass aspects of your surgery that may not be readily available. Under-researching and under budgeting are the two most common mistakes people make when seeking to use cosmetic approaches to chase their body goals.


1. Schedule a PreOp consultation with a surgery expert or consultant. Surgery centers and coordinators deal with a lot of people and provide general information that can be circulated easily without having to change it around too much. Speaking with an Sx Surgery Expert will give you customized planning directives for your procedure, your body type, your age and demographic, as well as your budget.

2. Save 45% of your procedure + the cost of your procedure. Most people under budget and only save enough for the large upfront expenses associated with the surgery such as their flights, their surgery cost, and their recovery home but forget about saving for quality compressive garments and Fajas, their ongoing massages, healthy food tends to cost more, time off from work, & the cost to. Replenish supplies.

3. You are going to need post-operative treatments and massages. Like, a lot of them. We usually suggest to start off with one a day, every day for the first week. And then drop down to two a week for 5 weeks, then 1 a week for two weeks. And then one every other week for a month. After that, you can reassess to see if you like to transition into CSL Therapy maintenance appointments or Body Contouring.

4. Focus on being healthy inside to allow the results of a healthy body to manifest on the outside. There aren’t any true shortcuts to beauty— it has to be earned. Take the time to earn your beauty. Focus on getting closer to your ideal body weight, drinking more water, getting more sleep, and making healthier food choices.

6. Fact-check everything you learn [especially on social media platforms] with science. Ask questions that explain the why and if something doesn’t seem right, get a second opinion. When you see red flags, it isn’t a theme park, lol.

7. Plan to scale your compression garments, slowly increasing your compression range every few weeks. Which also means: you are going to need more than one garment. You can research quality faja and accessories at

About the author


International massage therapist who’s career has evolved from sports massage, to oncology massage, to leading the industry in postOperative care and body contouring, specifically pertaining to plastic surgery. Tai is the owner of Taime out Massage Studios and a Tributo partner.