Must ask surgeon questions BEFORE surgery

by Tai Brown ‚ÄĘ Taime out Massage Owner

When considering undergoing plastic surgery, it is essential to choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who is reputable and has a good track record. The importance of vetting a plastic surgeon and their facility cannot be overstated. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of complications and achieve better outcomes.

One of the key factors to consider when vetting a plastic surgeon is their qualifications and experience. Plastic surgery is a complex and delicate field, and it requires a high level of skill and expertise. It is important to check the surgeon's credentials, such as their training, board certification, and years of experience. You can also look at their portfolio of work and read reviews from previous patients to get an idea of their level of skill and success rate.

In addition to the surgeon's qualifications, it is also important to vet their facility. The facility should be accredited by reputable organizations such as the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) or the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The facility should also have a clean and sterile environment, advanced equipment, and trained staff. By choosing a reputable plastic surgeon and facility, you can ensure that you are in safe hands and that your surgery will be performed in a professional and caring environment.

We are sure that you have your own list of questions for your potential surgeon. Skim over this list and make sure that you slide a few, or all of these in with your list.

Here are 7 essential questions to ask your surgeon before proceeding with the surgery:

1. How many procedures do you do a day?

2. How long will my procedure take / How long will I be under anesthesia?

3. How many incisions do you typically make on a client receiving my procedure?

4. Am I able to get in contact with you, you directly not your staff, if I have any complications after my procedure?

5. What kind of anesthesia will be used during the procedure, and who will administer it?

6. What is the recovery process like, and what kind of aftercare will be required?

7. Are you familiar with working on clients with my skin type and body foundation/shape?

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1000-7 Stage 1 Faja With Bra from $128.00
Note: If you are going to use foams, we highly suggest getting an extender. If you are going to have breast surgery, we recommend selecting the option without a bra and using the bra recommended by your surgeon. These garments cannot be changed or refunded. Description We designed the stage 1 Tributo faja to provide a gentle touch for women that just had a surgical procedure. The extra soft and high-quality fabric material has the minimum compression needed to support recovery in the first days. The fabric has a Four-way (or 4-way) stretch technology which means that the fabric stretches and recovers both width and lengthwise. Our Stage One fajas are unique in the market. They have different sizes for waist and hips, giving them enough space to place foams and ab board with comfort.  Four-position clasps Two torsos lengths We recommend ordering 10 days before your surgery *We try to show the colors as close to reality, but the silky material may look slightly different according to the screen you are seeing it. Cup size The CUP SIZE will depend on the size of the waist. For 2XS Cup size is C For XS Cup size is C For S Cup size is C For M Cup size is D L-XL  Cup DD For 2XL/3XL Cup DDD
Saturn - 360 AB BELT $105.00
Note:¬†The current size is available to patients with up to 32-inch on the waist.¬†¬† Description The new Tributo 360 Ab Belt is an essential accessory for proper recovery and healing after liposuction or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). ¬† Its ergonomic design has soft 360 ¬į coverage that adapts to the anterior and lateral abdominal regions and the back of the torso, providing ideal¬†support¬†and improving your posture. ¬† The¬†support generated by the 360 ‚Äč‚ÄčABD belt contributes to: Decrease inflammation and accumulation of postoperative fluid. Protects from wrinkles, marks, or irritations caused by initial inflammation and direct contact with the faja. Improves the adherence of the skin to the muscle and reduces the possible flaccidity. Since it covers most of your middle torso area all at once, it will fully support your body. Saturn AB Belt has a AB Board integrated, its shape comes from our iconic Majestic Ab board, providing more support to the front abdominal area. The velcro closure on the back allows adjusting the compression according to your needs. ¬†¬† Use Wear them inside your stage 1 & 2 fajas. You can use a tank top underneath if needed. We recommend using this belt from your 2nd-week post-op until your 3rth month post-op. Always listen to your body and your doctors/massage therapists' recommendations. ¬† How to wear it Remember, the Saturn belt is meant to bring support, not to compress like a stage 2 or 3 faja. The velcro on the back will help to adjust/ tighten the belt.These are our suggestions of how to wear it 1st option is to close it on the back, pull the velcro until you feel the needed support, and close the wing to cover the velcro and avoid damaging the faja material. (Ask for help if you need to tighten it up more.)2nd option (if you are able and your skin/body allows it) is to close it on the front. Tighten it up as needed, then turn it back, so it places correctly on your middle torso section. Remember, these suggestions will always depend on what is most comfortable for you. ¬† Specifications ¬†It has a fabric covering that helps to protect our girdles from the velcro that is in charge of allowing us to adjust the level of compression that we need for our body. ¬† The material is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, ergonomically made, and stiff enough to give you compression in crucial areas without giving up the flexibility and adaptability you need It is non-disposable so you can use it multiple times. ¬† Cleaning instructions Treat all your post-op supplies with care. They're delicate.¬† Wash it with water and rub it with a cloth rubbing. DO NOT use a washing machine or dryer. Keep in mind that applying any type of gel or product to your skin when you wear the garments can cause the color to loosen. ¬† Return policy Saturn Ab Belt is not returnable or refundable.¬†
Royal - Back Board (Lumbar Molder) $45.00
Description The anatomical and ergonomic design adapts to your body's shape to provide compression and helps to drain retained liquid in your lower back.  The shape is designed to make a specific compression without tiring the user.  It covers part of your waist, extending the functionality of the faja and providing more compression. Massage:  The Royal Back Board's elasticity and resilience provide a gentle massage when the user moves or walks, which helps the fluid drainage required during the post-op recovery. Support the shaping function of the faja Avoid liquid retention, skin folding, and the crease of the fajas without rods. Help to improve posture Breathable and fast drying  Uniform compression  Contributes to the adherence of the skin to the muscle Material Extra flexible and soft material  Hypoallergenic  Color: Black Time of use  We strongly recommend a minimum of 3 months and six months to achieve the best results.    Specification Washable by hand  Designed and produced in Colombia by Fajas Tributo Design LLC

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Deluxe Belly Button Shaper silicone plug $30.00
Description Help to recover the natural look of the belly button and heal correctly after Liposuction, abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck), or umbilical hernia repair navel closure The conic design was developed to act as an ergonomic wall that shapers the navel, and the soft texture is gentle with the skin allowing it to use for long periods of time. It is made of medical silicone. It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The luxury packaging keeps it dry, and it takes care of humidity. Use Recommended using under a faja, after 3 weeks post-op when incisions are completely closed. Use it daily and progressively from 4 to 6 hours increasing 1 hour per day, when reaching 10 hours let the skin rest for at least 1 hour. Use for at least 6 months until the body inflammation ceases. Place the Belly Button shaper at the navel area, placing the thinnest part of the cone first. Wash it only with water, avoid the use of soaps and air dry naturally before using it Remove before showering. If you need to apply body lotion, wait until this is completely absorbed, Clean your belly button before using the pin to avoid the spread of germ  We recommend: Using your Deluxe Belly Button with surgical tape to keep it in place.  Precautions Do not use it if you have open wounds If a rash or irritation appears, suspend  the use of the belly button pin until it disappears completely Do not use Belly Button Shaper if you are allergic to silicone Clean the umbilical region and navel plug at least once a day. Do not use cloths or cloths to dry Use according to surgeon advice. Don’t use it while doing exercise, because the sweat and friction can irritate the skin If you are exposed to high temperatures use it for shorter periods, no longer than 2 hours keeping breaks of half an hour
Ab Board Butterfly $35.00
Long and Short torso Our design is developed for a long torso and for a short torso. Look at the video to know how to measure for select your correct size Description Ergonomic design that adapts to cover the necessary parts of the abdominal area that need compression.  It doesn't cover your ribs or Hip bones High-tech materials.  It would help to improve your posture and accelerate the adherence of the skin.  It helps to heal after your surgery.  It goes up until the abdominal part of the abdominal wall. Review How to wear your Tributo Ab Board Video Specifications Our experience, get us to develop products that follow high medical standards, we have base our new design in the anatomy of the women's body, to offer and game-changer ab board.  The colors available are from the cover of the board.  Return policy Ab Boards are not returnable or refundable. 
Extender With 4 Rows of Hooks $20.00
  This extender has four rows of hooks SHORT (22 hooks)----- For our Fajas WITHOUT BRA (1001 - 1002 - 1004) LONG (27 hooks) ------ For our Fajas WITH BRA built-in (1007 - 1017) If you are buying the extender for a garment that you already have, count how many hooks your garment has from bottom to top. Please write in the notes the amounts hooks that it has so, we can send you an extender with the same length.  

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International massage therapist who’s career has evolved from sports massage, to oncology massage, to leading the industry in postOperative care and body contouring, specifically pertaining to plastic surgery. Tai is the owner of Taime out Massage Studios and a Tributo partner.

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