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8 Common Faja Mistakes

by Tai Brown • Taime out Massage Owner

POV: it's 2023, and everyone and their mama are selling fajas— and promoting the most incorrect information about their garments. Luckily for you, you found us. And here at Tributo! We make sure to keep our dolls compressed with the latest and greatest to help you achieve your body goals on your terms.

That also includes making sure our Dolls get the 411 on faja mistakes to avoid. Let’s dig into the 8 Most Common Faja Mistakes:

1. Drying it on high heat.

Drying the garment on high heat not only distorts the fabric material but also warps the hooks and eyelets. Try towel pressing dry before hanging or placing your garment in a breezy space. If you absolutely have to place your garment in the dryer for time's sake? Put it on cool air.

2. Not turning the legs in

This is definitely a rookie mistake but? The vets were all rookies at one point. After stepping into your garment? Turn the leg seams inward to face each other; it’ll make it easier to close the garment up.

3. Buying a stage 2 with a torso zipper

Hooks and eyelets that you see on some of our most popular garments have client claims of offering better, faster, long-lasting results. Typically, zippers offer too much “give” and distend instead of compressing optimally.

4. Buying stage 2 garments before the surgery

Planning for a procedure includes knowing when NOT to buy something in advance. Your stage 2 garment needs to compliment your current body to offer the best results; wait until after your procedure to get sized for a stage 2.

5. Not wearing your garment long enough

The body isn’t done molding after 6-7 weeks. You may hear suggestions from self-proclaimed experts, and while this may be music to your ears, scientifically, it is better to stay in your garment for at least 2-3 months; 6-12 months is ideal.

6. Not torso twisting to close.

To help close the garment, moving the hooks closer to the eyelets makes the most sense. Take both hands, grab the right front panel, twist towards the left, and then release. Repeat on the other side. Torso twisting helps close the garment more easily.

7. Ordering your garment too tight.

There’s a thin line between compression and constriction. Grow into your garment tension, slowly increasing it over time. Using an extender is also a good way to grow into a too-tight garment.

8. Only buying 1 faja.

As women, we have pH levels that fajas can disrupt. As humans? Our skin sweats and pushes out cellular waste through our pores— this gets stuck within your garment. Whether man or woman? Getting just one garment is a huge mistake. You’ll need about 3-5 garments to sustain 3-12 months of wear and tear.

About the author

International massage therapist who’s career has evolved from sports massage, to oncology massage, to leading the industry in postOperative care and body contouring, specifically pertaining to plastic surgery. Tai is the owner of Taime out Massage Studios and a Tributo partner.