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Post-surgery essentials

🔥 Post-surgery essentials 🍑 😅 Yea, it seems like it's a lot, but believe us, 🍑 the better attention and effort you put into the right compression, the best your results will be! 🔮 Belly Button helps to recover the natural look of the belly button and heal correctly after Liposuction, abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck), or umbilical hernia repair navel closure. 🩱 Custom fajas reduce swelling, promote healthy circulation, and help your skin contract smoothly over your new contours. They are essential for rapid liposuction recovery📐 They are made to your measurements, and you can select different compression levels, leg lengths, and types of butt 🍑 . 🦋 Butterfly Ab Board: Ergonomic design that adapts to cover the necessary parts of the abdominal area that need compression.🦋It doesn't cover your ribs or ribs' bones.🦋Available in 4 different torso sizes .👑 Majestic Ab Board: offers more coverage area to protect your unhealed incisions and help control swellingWe have selected a flexible material that ensures comfort and a balanced compression level.This ab board is designed for customers who need more coverage and are still very swollen. ⚡️The Mini Back Board: Offers localized compression that helps drain retained liquid in your lower back while being more discreet 👑 Royal Back Board: help drain retained liquid in your lower back and control swelling in this area. Provides much more coverage, going all the way to your waist, extending the functionality of the faja, and providing more compression. 🔑Consistency is key!Always follow your surgeon's recommendations 💜Listen to your body