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How to start off a new fitness year?

New year, new you! It can be intimidating to start a fitness journey especially in a new year. The gyms are crowded, everyone is pushing to achieve their new year resolution, and sometimes it’s hard to stay consistent.

Here’s a step by step on how you can stay committed to making a healthier, happier and overall better you:

1. Create a fitness routine that will work for you!
2. Make a schedule that you know you’ll stick to and add it to your calendar!

Treat your workout schedule like any other work meeting.

3. Find support

Whether that be a fitness trainer, workout/accountability partner, a class at your local gym, fitness facebook group, or even someone you know with an Apple Watch/Fitbit that you can compete with. 

4. Be realistic with your goals. create personal challenges that are aligned to your fitness level.

Setting mini goals per week/month can help you maintain your motivation. 

5. Take a Selfie!

Pictures/ videos of your body’s progress will keep you motivated! Instead of stepping on the scale or taking measurements use visual evidence. If you’re comfortable, share your selfies on social media. Studies have shown people who show their dedication and progress has lead to them keeping their results. 

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Putting yourself down will make you feel like you have already failed. Remember tomorrow is a new day and you can always achieve your goals. Mind over matter! 

If you need any help along the way as your Tributo Fitness brand ambassador I am here to help! Contact me on instagram @dollyfitbydom to start your New Year on the right foot with custom fitness and nutrition plans tailored to you and your goals!