HOT PINK - 3002 Strapless - Custom Body


Type of compression*

High (wear from your 4th week post op) Extra High (wear from your 2nd or 3rd month post op)

Extra Fupa compression

Yes No

HOT PINK - 3002 Strapless - Custom Body


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  • If you have bbl or fat injected on hips or lats we suggest using this style AFTER your 6th-month post-op! 

  • This faja may NOT Cover the complete butt section.

  • If you have big thighs the lace part may roll up.

  • We don't suggest this product if you have back upper fat/ back rolls 


  • Stylize abdomen, waist.
  • Lift the buttocks.
  • Has 6 rods to improve posture and shape the waist.
  • Opening with fabric flap on the crotch area
  • 4 positions front clasp closure to adjust accordingly to your body needs
  • Fupa compression is only available on High compression
  • It is comfortable for daily use
  • It is perfect to use for dresses, shorts,  low-cut garments.
  • For its Silicone elastics of 2 inches, it fits perfectly into the body without using strips. (It doesn't wind up or get off)
  • If you have bbl you can use this garment after your 6th-month post-op
  • Choose Extra High compression when you are in stage 3 (2-3Months Post-op) or if you feel that you are able to handle the extra compression, normally when you have experience with garments. These fajas are built with waist trainer and have rods and latex, which increase highly the level of compression. 
  • Choose High Compression When you are in stage 2 (Around four weeks post-op) and your incisions are completely closed. These fajas have rods.
  • Soft Lycra lining in contact with your skin.
  • Special gauge wires,  resistant to washing and continuous use.
  • All our supplies are of the highest quality to give you the perfect comfort.
  • No full butt coverage 
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