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1002 Faja Straples, Deep Ocean, High Compresion

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This Faja is ideal for use with a dress or strapless!

    • Stylize abdomen, waist, legs.
    • Lift the buttocks.
    • Has 6 rods to improve posture and shape the waist.
    • Abdominal reinforcement for greater control of the abdomen.
    • High compression
    • Four position hooks to adjust to your body changes.
    • Soft Lycra lining in contact with your skin.
    • Is perfect to use for dresses or low-cut garments.
    • For its Silicone elastics of 5cm, fits perfectly to the body without using strips.
    • Special gauge wires, resistant to washing and continuous use.
    • All our supplies are of the highest quality to give you the perfect comfort.

*We tried to show the pictures as accurate as possible with the color, but some small differences could appear with the real one, depends on the screen you are using it. 

  • Through this simple guide, we will help you to take your body measurements correctly. We advise you to take them with underwear for greater precision. Ask help to a friend to take it more precise measurements.