4302 Customs shorts / Capris - low waist - Powernet



Leg Length

Short Knee

4302 Customs shorts / Capris - low waist - Powernet


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Note:  If you have thick thighs starting from your knee cap, make sure to submit a picture and let us know on notes.


Custom-made shorts that offer lower abdomen compression designed for daily use and maintenance, invisible under clothes. Great to wear with shorts and dresses.

It has a lift-butt effect. 

It offers control of your lower abdomen and defines your hips. 

  • Two mini rods (two on the front and two on the back) to provide structure and compression. 
  • Silicone laces on the abdomen and legs to prevent rolling up
  • This garment height reaches under the belly button (The height might vary depending on your body type and structure)
  • No pads, It has a natural lift-butt effect. 
  • Soft lycra on contact with the skin.
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