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4203 Waist Trainer Latex Flowers

4203 Waist Trainer Latex, Flowers

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Waist Measurement

Choose your favorite Style

  • Short Torso:  Long in front 11.5 INCHES in Back 8.5
  • Long Torso:  Long in front 13 INCHES in Back 10
  • Ideal for molding the waist.
  • Corset effect with 6 rods for greater support
  • Help improve posture   
  • Reinforcement in the central part and sides for greater compression.
  • Hocks of three positions for more options according to the changes in your body.
  • Latex 700 gr
  • Soft cotton inner lining in contact with the skin
  • Its use is ideal for the gym or activity.
  • Special gauge wires, resistant to washing and continuous use.
  • High quality materials.
  • Through this simple guide, we will help you to take your body measurements correctly. We advise you to take them with underwear for greater precision. Ask help to a friend to take it more precise measurements.