Custom fajas production time 20 Colombian business days ( plus 2-4 days of shipping). Semi-custom, waist trainers 4201 and 4203, and Ab boards Shipping time 1 week.
1007 Bra - Brave Faja

1007 BRA - Brave - Faja

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  • The wings on the fajas have been embroidered by powerful women who practice conscious sawing so it will be charged with tons of blessings and good vibes.
  • Its total back coverage helps to improve posture avoiding lumbar pain.
  • Preformed Lycra cup with reinforcement for better last of the bust.
  • Ergonomic on shoulders
  • Stylize abdomen, waist, legs.
  • Lift the buttocks.
  • Abdominal reinforcement
  • Super Strong compression.
  • This faja is ideal for use post-surgery and daily use.
  • Highly recommended in Post-operative, molding, and maintenance.
  • Choose Extra High compression when you are in stage 3 (2-3Months Post-op) or if you feel that you are able to handle the extra compression, normally when you have experience with garments. These fajas  are built with waist trainer and have rods and latex, which increase highly the level of compression. 
  • Choose High Compression When you are in stage 2 (Around four weeks post-op) and your incisions are completely closed. These fajas have rods.
  • Choose Medium compression if your surgery has beeb recent and your incisions are not completely healthy.
  • Use for post-surgical, in shaping treatments, or for maintenance
  • One standard torso size of 17" Inches
  • Special gauge wires, resistant to washing and use.
  • Soft lycra lining on skin contact.
  • Four-position clasps.
  • Through this simple guide, we will help you to take your body measurements correctly. We advise you to take them with underwear for greater precision. Ask help to a friend to take it more precise measurements. 

Opening on the crotch area
  • There is an opening with a fabric flap on the crotch area, giving you more comfort
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The production time of this product is 20 Colombian business days + 2-4 days of shipping