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By Size 1001 FAJA STRIP BRASIER, High Compression

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This faja is NOT customized if you don't know your size look at the measurement table. 


Ideal for you to wear with dresses or necklines!

  • Stylize abdomen, waist, legs and lift the buttocks.
  • Abdominal reinforcement for greater control of the abdomen.
  • High compression.
  • Three-position clasps.
  • Soft lycra lining on skin contact.
  • Used for post-surgical, in shaping treatments, or for maintenance
  • Special gauge wires, resistant to washing and use.
  • Three-position clasps/clasp with internal clasp.
  • Soft lycra lining on skin contact.
  • Highly recommended in Post-operative, post-delivery, molding, and maintenance.
  • All its supplies are of the highest quality that makes it a resistant garment.