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1001  Strip Brasier, Victorian Vibes Nude,  Extra High Compression

1001 Strip Brasier, Victorian Vibes Nude, Extra High Compression

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Leg Length

  • Stylize abdomen, waist, legs and lift the buttocks.
  • Abdominal reinforcement for greater control of the abdomen.
  • 6 Roads, Corset effect.
  • The option with waist Trainer is built with latex in the waist area.
  • High compression.
  • Use
  • Ideal for you to wear with dresses or necklines!
  • Use for post-surgical, in shaping treatments, or for maintenance
  • Specification
  • Four-position clasps.
  • Soft lycra lining on skin contact.
  • Special gauge wires, resistant to washing and use.
  • Measurements
    • Three-position clasps/clasp with internal clasp.
    • Soft lycra lining on skin contact.
    • Highly recommended in Post-operative, post-delivery, molding, and maintenance.
    • All its supplies are of the highest quality that makes it a resistant garment.

    When to use stage 3
    • It is important that you know that a 3-stage faja with waist trainer has rods and latex, which means that is extra strong compression, make sure that you can resist this level of compression. If you are not used to this compression, use it for periods of 4 to 5 hours until your body adapts.
    • If your incisions are not healthy, it is not recommended that you wear fajas that have rods.