Custom fajas production time 20 Colombian business days ( plus 2-4 days of shipping). Semi-custom, waist trainers 4201 and 4203, and Ab boards Shipping time 1 week.

Custom Fajas

We design and manufacture Colombian Fajas with clinical standards under medical requirements. We implement an abdominal reinforcement with three levels of compression, Medium, high, and Extra high compression. 

The classic colors faja are Beige, Black and Cocoa, and in the Special Collection you will find Deep Ocean, Victorian Vibes and Coral Dreams!

 There is non-compression on the hips and the butt

  • Read our section consideration at the moment of buying a new faja and FAQ to read all the information you need to know before selecting a faja!  
  • Select the compression level consciously according to the level of compression that you can handle.
  • Take time to take your measurements correctly, follow our guides here. 
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